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TRI Rail end to end

A Great Train Journey

Part One

NRHS 2023 Annual Convention in Deerfield Beach, Florida


Robin Bowers

September 01, 2023


Chapter Three

Text and Photos by Author

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Riding Tri-Rail end-to-end, welcoming Silver Meteor

    This morning I was up and made it to The Spotted Stag in the lobby for breakfast around 8:00am. While eating my breakfast sandwich, Chris and Elizabeth joined me for their breakfast. This was a free day as we arrived earlier than originally planned so it was decided to ride all of the Tri-Rail route. After breakfast, Chris and I waited the arrival of Doug Scott, who told Chris that he would give us a lift to the train station as he was also going there to do some train watching.

    Shortly after our arrival, the Silver Meteor arrived on time for its journey to NYC. It had been several days with no train service due to Hurricane Idalia.


Silver Meteor # 98 on time.


Looking towards Miami.


Looking towards Mangonia Park and beyond.


Tri-Rail train 616 at the station and our ride north to Mangonia Park.


Notice that there are stops at three major airports.


Our return train # 623 waiting at Mangonia Park to travel south to Miami Airport.
Tri-Rail BL P36PH 823 built by Brookville Equipment in 2014.


Communications tower in Mangonia.


Looking north at Mangonia Park.


Platforms at Mangonia Park looking south towards Miami.


    Our arrival at Miami Airport Station where we detrained and boarded the next train back to Deerfield Beach and Mangonia Park. We returned to Deerfield Beach and after detraining and during the walk back to the Doubletree Hotel. I stopped at Wawa to check out their food selection and Chris continued on to the Doubletree Hotel. I was impressed with Wawa's menu offerings and while they were doing a good business, I decided to pass on ordering food as it wad the middle of the afternoon. But is a plan B or C for meals. As I was leaving, I stopped to buy an ice cream bar and by the time I walked to the crosswalk, the bar was meting fast in the heat so I ate it quickly before it became soup.

    Doug S., Chris and myself planned to take pictures of Amtrak's Silver Meteor when it arrived later in the afternoon with the conventioneers riding in the private rail cars. We all met in the lobby at 5:25pm and Doug droves us over to the Amtrak station.


Train #636 northbound arriving at Deerfield Beach.


Train #636 at station.


Southbound # 641


Train #641 departing for Miami.


Train #638 on approach.

at station

Train #638 at station.


The first Silver Meteor #97 after Hurricane Idalia arrives one day and one hour late.

The private cars were attached to end.


Sleeper cars on Silver Meteor.
Sleeper Viewliner I 60032 built by Amerail in 1996, behind Amtrak Diner Viewliner II "Hartford" 68013 built by CAF USA in 2017.  


Amtrak Viewliner II Sleeper "Tombigbee River" 6521 built by CAF USA, in 2017.


  Former Union Pacific lightweight Budd Sleeper (1955) 6 Double Bedrooms, 9 Roomettes. My car for my trip to Manhattan after the convention.


Pullman Heavyweight observation/lounge with rear windows.


end car

Silver Meteor departing for Miami and Amtrak yards where the private cars will be stored till their return trip to NYC on 9/7. Northbound #640 on Track 2.

    After all the excitement, we returned to the hotel and it started to rain heavily so Doug pulled under the porte-cochere to let us out and Chris and I went to the Spotted Stag Restaurant where I had El Cuban sandwich and Chris had an order of boneless chicken tenders. After we placed our orders Elizabeth joined us during her break from the registration room duties. After our meal we returned to our rooms and I watched "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and then called it a day.

Thanks for reading.

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Text and Photos by Author, Robin Bowers

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent

Comments are appreciated