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Train Watching

A Great Train Journey

Part One

NRHS 2023 Annual Convention in Deerfield Beach, Florida


Robin Bowers

August 31, 2023


Chapter Two

Text and Photos by Author

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Train watching

    This morning I slept in late after a long day yesterday and went down to lobby to see about getting breakfast only to learn that the Spotted Stag Restaurant closes at 9:00 am and reopens around 5 pm. So much for eating breakfast this morning. At the desk, I asked what was available within walking distance and the reply was "out of luck".  There was a Krispy Kreme near the train station, a Wawa gas station on the way there and Tropical Smoothie was another good bet next to station. Chris called and asked if I could help him and Elizabeth audit the convention shirts and hats that were to be sold. The vendor was delayed in arriving but the product had been shipped ahead and Elizabeth was asked to verify the shipment. After finishing that chore, Chris and I decided to walk to the Deerfield station and watch trains coming and going and also to find breakfast-lunch for myself.

     We walked to the station and I stopped at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and bought a chicken wrap while Chris continued on to the station. I found a table next to window that I could watch the station, tracks and trains coming and going. After that nutritional break, I joined Chris on the platform.


Seaboard Air Line Railroad Deerfield station built in 1926.
The old freight house now hosts several model train layouts.


Looking North to Mangonia Park

south bound

Approaching from the south and Miami.


closer soth

TRI Rail # 626 to Mangonia Park.

at platform


Loco 808 pushing the train north.

south b

south bound

Train 629 southbound to Miami.


Loco pulling going south to Miami.



Train 629 departing Deerfield Beach.

    After watching a few more trains, we decided to return to the hotel and upon returning, I checked out the swimming pool and the water looked so inviting that I must try it sometime soon.

    Tomorrow Chris and I will ride Tri-Rail from end-to-end and welcome the arrival of the conventioneers arriving on the private cars.

Thanks for reading.

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Text and Photos by Author, Robin Bowers

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent

Comments are appreciated