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February 24, 2007
Copyright 2007 by Richard Elgenson

Exhibits for the Green Locomotive Technology Tour were in the Council Bluffs recreational/baggage car.  This is the only car guests were admitted to.


There was a power car, which may or may not have been photographed.  The consist had a number of sleeper cars followed by two dome cars and finally the theater car.


Above left, UPP 207.  Above right, UPP 412, "Lake Forest".  Below left, UPP 413, "Lake Bluff".  Below right, Number 200, "Omaha".


Below left, Number 9009, "City of San Francisco".  Below right, Number 8008, "City of Portland".


Below, interior of "City of Portland".

On the rear of the train was Number 203, "Idaho".  This car has a unique picture window end with a rolldown protection screen.  Inside of the same window is a rolldown cinema screen.  There are six rows of seats for viewing of video media.


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