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2005 UP Family Day at Dolores Locomotive Facility Page 1

Union Pacific Family Day at Dolores

Locomotive Facility

April 16, 2005
Story and photographs copyright 2004 by Richard Elgenson
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As usual, I got the call for volunteering for Operation Lifesaver at the Union Pacific Dolores Locomotive Facility.  The report time was 9:00 A.M. which normally is easy on a Saturday.  Arriving almost on time, I observed the Dolores parking lot with tents set up for different organizations ranging from Union Pacific Safety personnel, a Union Pacific peer counselor,  the Los Angeles County Sheriff Explorers, the Pacific Transportation Federal Credit Union, California Operation Lifesaver, a person with an interesting scale model locomotive, contract UP nurses, volunteer cooks and family day give away goodies.





My favorite display was one which touted safety, employee diversity and honored 2 employees who are reserve military personnel.  The left hand picture is captioned "Co-worker interventions & Wearing P.P.E. Insures a Safer and Healthier Tomorrow".  The 2nd picture depicts C.A.T.S., "Have You Observed A Co-worker Today?", "Flag It and Tag It...", and "JOB BRIEFINGS-Listen and Live."  The 3rd picture shows "P.A.W.S. TEAM...", "WE VALUE our Co-worker Diversity", and "BEWARE OF OUR RED 'ZONES.'"  Between the third and fourth panels sits a plaque for the Dolores 2004 Employee of the Year Marc Lundquist.  The last panel honors 2 Dolores employees, most likely military reservists serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The text says "Alex Mendiola, Donald Wilson, Let's Keep Alsx and Donald in our thoughts and prayers.  Donald is serving in Afghanistan Alex is stationed in Anaconda, Iraq."



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While the Family Day was happening, the railroad was still active beyond the roundhouse.  Various sets of power were being moved around.


Next on the agenda was the roundhouse tour.

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