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Officer-on-the-Train Pacific Harbor Line Page 2

Operation Lifesaver "Officer-on-the-train"

at Pacific Harbor Line

Wilmington & San Pedro, California

April 11, 2007

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer

In San Pedro, the railroad track which continues to the most southerly part of San Pedro crosses Front Street at a point coincidental with John S. Gibson Blvd turning into Gaffey Street.  The track winds around the small hill and rejoins Front Street under the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

While the train was heading to this location, I spotted two trespassers walking and another single trespasser.


In Wilmington, along Alameda Street at the intersection with Anaheim Street, a tractor ran under the descending crossing gates in view of UPRR PD.  After the train passed, I turned left onto Anaheim Street while another tractor committed a violation in view of the California Highway Patrol unit who pulled him over.


Alameda Street and Anaheim Street turned out to be a location with more violators including these pedestrians who walked across the tracks while the crossing was closed.


Below left, the pedestrians have been stopped by law enforcement.  In the Amtrak coach vestibule, television media is visible filming this event.


Above right and below show the track which splits off Alameda Street to become the Wilmington Wye.  Several big rigs are seen below right in clear violation with red lights flashing and gates descending.



Along Alameda Street, aonther big rig has been pulled over and more pedestrians were spoken to.


Below left, Spanish broadcast television station channel 62 is seen approaching another pedestrain violator.  He admitted that he had made a mistake walking across the tracks.  Below right, another potential violator on a bicycle is talked to by UPRR PD Officer Jorge Villaescusa.


This is a problem area with wooden debris piled up against the rails to facilitate illegal crossing of the track.

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