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Trainweb 10th Anniversary Party in La Plata Missouri

December 8 through 10, 2006
Copyright 2006 by Richard Elgenson

I became aware of the TrainWeb10th anniversary party through daily visits to the TrainWeb site.  I was scheduled for jury duty the week before the party and had to call in each night.  I wound up at work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Wednesday night, TrainWeb hosted their annual holiday party at the Rail Restaurant in Fullerton.  After the party, I made my call regarding jury duty and found I had to report the next day, so I was uncertain if I could go to the Missouri party.  Luckily, I got to sit in the assembly room reading a book titled "The Men Who Loved Trains" by Rush Loving Jr. and never called into any courtroom.  Once I retruned home, I made my room and airline reservations for the next day.  On Friday, December 8, I arrived at LAX around 6:15 AM after taking the MTA Green Line from Norwalk to the Aviation Station then transfering to the G shuttle. After getting my boarding pass and getting through security, I found Steve Grande and Barbara Cepinko and her parents Irving and Shirley.  At about boarding time we also found Chris Parker.  We were travelling on Midwest Airlines, in an all first class seat Boeing 717, to Kansas City Missouri.  We arrived in KC ontime at 12:30 PM, Central Time. Steve, Barbara and her parents were going to rent a van while Chris and I rented a Ford Taurus and were going to take secondary roads to La Plata, the new home of and We  got our car by 1:15 PM and planned to railfan in the KC area for several hours.  The Friday railfan tour took place in the eastern portion of KC.  I was the navigator with several AAA maps directing us down Interstate 435 to exit at Front Street heading west to Chouteau Trafficway and over the tracks.  Francois Gesseau Chouteau was an early French pioneer who set up a permanent trading post which he called "village of kansa" in the area in 1821.


The first photo location yielded an old ex-Milwaukee Road F unit and an old passenger car which said Milwaukee Great Northern with the name Alaska.  The UP roundhouse was burried behind intermodal chassis and containers.


Our next location seemed to be a  BNSF engine area where I spotted a black Illinois Central engine.  Further west was a Kansas City Southern switcher unit.



The North Chestnut Trafficway overpass yielded the bottom left shot.  We got to ground level on Montgall Avenue for the following five shots.




I know a guy at Union Pacific named Jerry Hardesty.  The below left photo was taken on Independence Avenue at the intersection with Hardesty Avenue.  The photo is dedicated to him.  From Interstate 435, the bridge in the lower right photo crosses the Missouri River.


Around 3 PM we headed south to Independence Avenue, thence east to the interstate, thence north to highway 210.  We folllowed this highway east through all of its different numbers because it roughly straddled and paralleled both the BNSF and NS Railways.

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