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GCL Williams to Grand Canyon Village Page 2

The Grand Canyon Limited

Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon

May 16, 2012

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer

Below left is the Grand Canyon Railway Polar Express Train scenic area.


Between MP 18 and MP 19, I collected a 2 minute video.  Parts are good.


The GCR crosses a somewhat flat plain.  Some tall mountains are seen in the distance.  Word was given by the NRHS vest people that the morning run by would be coming up soon.


Tired of taking pictures, I handed my camera off to someone who took photographs of me.  Conductor Bill was standing nearby and I asked him to stand by.


Bob Kittel surveying the scene as the train was backed up.  Robbin elected to stay on board and was peeking at us from the Zimmerman baggage car.


It took several minutes for the Grand Canyon Limited to back up, so why not take those photos and show them as if the train was coming towards us?  It was impressive both directions.






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