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The Grand Canyon Limited

Parker, AZ to Williams, AZ

May 15, 2012

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer

Oh yeah, were going to be treated to a runby of our train.  What a hoot, to ride an awesome train like this and get dropped off at some convenient spot, watch the train back up,see it run by and then come back and pick us up.  The photos below are while they were backing the train away from us.

Here is the video link to the forward move.  Disclaimer:  I do not posess a tripod, so parts are visibly shaky.

Here is the video link to the backup move.  Another disclaimer: The head end is not visible in this video.



I shot video of our first photo runby.  A second video was of the train backing up to pick us up.

The La Paz Conunty Sherriff kept himself busy since our train caused a traffic jam on Arizona Highway 72.  Our route stayed somewhat on a tangent and parallel to this highway for about 20 miles.


Just before the junction of Highways 72 and 60, we went by this industrial site with photographers waiting.  Then things were about to change.




I did not realize it at the time, other than seeing that we were climbing, we were going for a major change in direction too.  Somewhere about this time I had noticed some material left in the Royal Gorge car which I could identify as Operation Lifesaver.  I was instantly curious who this person was.  I had included a yellow Operation Lifesaver tee shirt to wear one day on this trip and that day was today.


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