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2008 UP Commerce Family Day Page 2

Union Pacific Family Day at Commerce

Locomotive and Mechanical Facility

October 18, 2008
Story and photographs copyright 2008 by Richard Elgenson
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As usual, the Operation Red Block Peer Support group and Union Pacific Employee's Club were present.
The vintage cars were in attendance too.  I was scavaging for parts for the Universal Atomic IV engine on my sailboat which is a flathead design and based on early gasoline engines.
Two credit unions had booths.
Being a '57 model myself, I had to show this Chevy.
The first thing I noticed on my way into the event was a strange odor which turned out to be the petting zoo.  Kid's ID is another annual event attendee.
The food was from Baby Roos Catering from Orange CA and was very good.
The locomotive and remote simulator was available too.  You had to sign up to work the simulator.
Above left, the locomotive simulator.  Above right and below, the remote simulator.  Not shown is the actual remote control unit.  To the right of the laptop computer is a joystick control.
A high rail truck was ready for inspection.  Below right is a view of a working train from the UP 4141.
It dawned on me that one of the guys working the Mini Train is actually Rod McClure, President of the Western Pacific Railroad Museum and the Feather River Rail Society.  He works as a locomotive engineer out of Sparks, Nevada on former Southern Pacific lines in the Sierra Nevada and out to Winnemucca and Elko Nevada.  I had seen Rod at the WPRRM in late May.  Thhhhhhhat's all folks.


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