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Commerce UP Family Day Page 2

Union Pacific Commerce Family Day

Commerce, California

By Richard Elgenson, RailNews Network
August 7, 2004

To emphasize safety, there are some signs posted with safety operating proceedures.


A number of different organizations participated including Operation Lifesaver, the Pacific Transportation Federal Credit Union, a vintage car club , and the California Highway Patrol.





Specifications of the Electo Motive Division SD-70 is shown.  At last, thank you's to vendors for donating time, services and merchandise.


On my way home from this Union Pacific Family Day, I  drove to the vicinity of Hobart Tower, where a UP track crosses the Burlington Northern Santa Fe mainline tracks.  A very clean BNSF 5744 was leading a train westbound and the round sign caught my attention.  While in the shape and look of a highway-rail grade crossing sign, it says "ARE YOU REALLY READY TO CROSS?"   Please, do not tresspass on any railroad's property.  Only cross at established crossings!

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