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Alaska Railroad Coastal Classic Train

By Richard Elgenson, RailNews Network
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June 27 to 30, 2004

The below left photograph shows a portion of land that has been excavated to provide fill for a location several miles south where the Seward Highway and the Alaska Railroad track have been moved further away from the toe of the mountain slope.  For additional photographs of this construction in 2003, click here.  The second row below shows the newly constructed slope in the Turnagain Arm.  Rocks are placed carefully by men and machines to produce a uniform slope.




There are small spits of land between the track and water which have grass and trees.



Along the Turnagain Arm, the railroad is straightening out some curves.  This is shown in the below left photograph.




On the way to Seward, there is only one scheduled stop at Girdwood, a resort town with a ski area and usually a few people exit and board the train here.  The route continues along the Turnagain Arm until it ends and the road diverges away from the railroad



After Girdwood, there is a nine mile stretch to the Whittier Branch of the Alaska Railroad.  The junction location is called Portage.  Another Alaska Railroad train called the Glacier Discovery travels to the small railbargehead town of Whitter, also on the Prince William Sound.  For details of a 2003 ride on the Glacier Discovery, click here.

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