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Alaska Railroad Work Train Page 2

Alaska Railroad Work Train Chase

Portage to Girdwood

June 27, 2011

Story and photographs by Richard Elgenson
RailNewsNetwork writer

The following two photos feature some interesting spray paint artowrk.  The flanger car seems to have skull and crossbones and text saying "COMMITMENT TO DIRT ????"  How can you argue with a happy face on the hopper?


Notice how 3006 and 3012 are putting out puffs of smoke as the train  moved up to track speed.  3004 looks very sharp and clean.






From here on out, it was pedal to the metal to get back to Anchorage.  As we were unloading the truck, I heard the train make one whistle blast at the crossing closest to where we had landed at home in south Anchorage.  The 2011 Alaska trip was one of the best ever with good friends, fun fishing, great food, good weather, lots of wildlife and a train chase.