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Love of Trains

Love of Trains


I have been a fan of the Nickel Plate Road since the 1980s. Although I did not grow up in that part of the country, (I am a Kansas bred guy). I got interested in the NKP and now belong to the Historical society. Nickel Plate Road Historical and Technical Society

The Nickel Plate Road was an eastern road that covered Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, New York. It was in existence until 1964 when it was merged with Nortfolk & Western Railroad. The N&W quickly got rid of all NKP paint schemes and lettering and soon the NKP was history. The historical society was formed shortly after to help preserve one of the great roads in America.

As far as modeling goes, I have been playing with trains since I can remember. Like most kids I had the traditional Lionel train set when I was young. My dad build my older brother and myself a layout on a 4x8 plywood. We played trains all the time. And like most kids, I got away from the train set as I found music and girls! Later in life, after getting married to one gal, I got back into trains in HO scale. Over the years I have built several layouts and ran a lot of model trains. I have a current layout in the garage of my home and I model the NKP and my fictional railroad, the RVEX (Red Valley Express). Check out the link above and give my layout a tour. Thanks again for visiting and hope you come back soon.

RVEX and the Nickel Plate Road


I am a big railroad fan, prototype and modeling. Check out my web site today