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I love trains. I enjoy railfanning and also model railroading. I currently live in Denton, Tx

I have been in the hobby of model railroading since the mid 1970's and I find it a very enjoyable hobby. If you are in search of something fun to do, check out the hobby of model railroading. It is much more than just playing with trains. It is craftsmanship, art work, electric design, electronics, computer interface and much, much, more. It is what you want to make of it and what you want to do.
In the early 1980's I helped start a model railroad club in Hutchinson, KS and got very involved in the many aspects of the hobby. Our club started with N-scale modules and got involved with the N-Trak organization and other clubs in the area. We started doing shows, going to shows, and eventually even helped with a National NMRA event in Kansas City, MO. We eventually added HO layout modules and even started an O-scale group.

When I moved to Texas in 2002, I joined the train club in Denton and enjoyed several good years with that group. However, I have now moved on and am enjoying the aspect of model railroad operation with some friends. We are a small group of friends that meet at each other’s home and operate trains on layouts. It is a real challenge and enjoyable. Be sure to check out my links on model railroads operation.

Another part of my hobby is my home layout. Over the years I have had many layouts but the current layout has been under construction for several years. I am now concentrating on improving it more. I have added an upper line that is a combination of HO and HOn3. My narrow guage line is called the “Toothpick Timber Company”. It is a logging company that interlines it’s logging operation with the HO scale RVEX line.

My main road is the RVEX, Red Valley Express, which is a fictional eastern road that interlines with the Nickel Plate Road.

I have many photos of my layout on the other pages so check them out. Thanks for stopping by my web site.

Listed below are some links to train clubs, my home layout, and more. Enjoy the ride and come back often.

(I also love NASCAR Racing, check out my links for this other hobby I enjoy. )




Links to my railroad web site and more:

My Home Layout

Free-Mo Organization

click on the link below to access some of my train videos on YouTube

Train videos from Saganaw, TX