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February 25, 2009

Work has been progressing on the new 4'x8' layout that made its debut at the TTOS show at the Leonard Post in January. The wiring completed in time for the show and basic scenery was started. Overall the layout was a success - it ran well and was well received. We SMOKED the 282 to the point it now has an extra smoke stack behind the original one. More repairs needed. Being table height made it easier for the younger folks to see and the smaller layout allowed more access around the layout. It was easy and fast to set up and tear down. For future, we need to bring or buy two action cars (log dump car or auto unloading car) for the sidings. We also need to schedule operation better since we had too many engines Saturday and not enough on Sunday. It was suggested a sign up sheet could alleviate the problem.

Tom Lacki from Alden joined the club at the TTOS show. Welcome, Tom!

The Buffalo News ran an article from the TTOS show with member Dan Malkiewicz interviewed and pictured next to our new layout.

Here are a few pictures of the layout from the show.>
And check out the club website for some video of the layout that Chris Kroll took and posted.

If you missed it, Chris Kroll and Paul Wachowicz celebrated birthdays at the end of January. Wish them a belated Happy Birthday when you see them! Chris turned 18 and Paul... is slightly older (we won’t go there).

Since the show, we have continued worked on the scenery - painting, adding rock molds, sculptamold, fitting backdrops, etc. at our weekly work sessions at Paul Wachowicz’ home.

Paul Gburek has two American Models engines for sale. Both are NEW and DC with Hi-rail wheels: a NYC GP9 ($140), and an undecorated Pacific steam engine ($250). Contact Paul at or 716/683-8819 if you are interested.

Several members attend the recent NFD-TTOS layout tour. There were 9 layouts on the tour this year, 4 of which were new to the tour this year. Unfortunately, there were no S layouts and we need to work on that!

Our February meeting was held at Danny' South for lunch. Lew Cabello, Frank Schenk, Ray Abbott, Mike and Kathy Barren, Bud Rindfleisch, Don Webster, Paul Wachowicz, John Ondesko, and Gregg Mummert attended. Several members attended the WNYRHS show at the Agricenter prior to the meeting.

We discussed using LEDs (copies of recent magazine articles were available) for lighting buildings, vehicles, etc. Mike brought pictures of Reggie Carne’s Flyer collection and layout from about 20 years ago. We also discussed the upcoming ’09 NASG convention in St. Louis this summer and Spring Spree in Cleveland, OH.

The 44 Tonner arrived from PA Heritage Models and was displayed at the meeting. We will be ordering the Arcade and Attica decals from Modern Rails shortly and arrange to have it painted.

We also discussed setting up at the Batavia show on March 29th. We decided to bring the 4x8 layout to this show unless RASG decides to bring their corners. Please plan to attend and bring a buildings, vehicles, people, and additonal scenery for this display. We can also use log dump cars and auto unloading cars (no coal!) for the two accessory tracks on the sidings. Set-up for the 4x8 layout will be between 8 and 8:30 and operate until about 3:30. If RASG decides to bring their corners we will let you know and adjust the set-up time. And remember, with the single loop on the 4x8 we do not need as many engines for the 6 hour show.

Don ran the 50/50 and Bud was the lucky winner.

Updated rosters are available. If you didn’t get one, let Gregg know.

The next meetings will be work sessions at Paul Wachowicz' home on Wednesday nights at 6 PM to continue work on the scenery on the 4x8 layout.

296 Shartle
N. Tonawanda, NY

Call Paul to confirm the schedule and to let him know you will be attending.

Remember to use "Forever Stamps" on your SASE's to receive the newsletter. Postage rates are going up on May 11th. Thanks!

We still need ideas and/or volunteers for future meetings for April, May, and beyond.

585-655-3127 or 716-866-2989


Mar 1
-Niagara Falls Model Railway Show, Optimist Park Hall, Niagara Falls, ON
-TTCS Show, Diplomat Center, 1956 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY
-Erie Railroadiana & Model Train Show, Rainbow Gardens, Waldameer Park, Erie, PA

Mar 29 -GSME Show, Batavia Downs, Batavia, NY – WNYSSA & RASG Display / Modules

Apr 23-25 – TCA Meet, York, PA

Apr 26 -TTCS Show, Knights of Columbus, 755 Erie Ave, N. Tonawanda, NY

May 1,2 -SPRING “S” SPREE, Holiday Inn Hotel, Strongsville, Ohio

August 4-8 -NASG Convention, St Louis, MO

Sept 12,13 –Central Terminal Show, 495 Paderewski Dr, Buffalo, NY

Oct 15-17 – TCA Meet, York, PA

Oct 25? -NFD-TTOS Show, Leonard Post, Walden Ave, Cheektowaga, NY – WNYSSA display?

Nov 21,22 –WNYRHS, Agricenter, Hamburg, NY

Nov 22 -TTCS Show, Diplomat Center, 1956 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY

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