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WNYSSA February 2008 Newsletter
Rochester Area S-Gaugers, Rochester, NY

Western NY S Scale Association
February 2008 Newsletter

The Western NY S Scale Association is located in Buffalo, New York, about seventy miles west of the Rochester AreaS-Gaugers home in Rochester, New York. The Newsletter that appears below was received in the form of an e-mail from Gregg Mummert.

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March 10, 2008

The February meeting was held at Danny's South for lunch. Harry Morath, Paul Wachowicz, John Ondesko, Bud Rindfleisch, Don Webster, Dave LaGraves, Roger Huff, Tom Koziol, and Gregg Mummert attended.

Paul suggested building a smaller layout for quicker and easier set-up, and one that would not require as much display space. It was agreed to look into building a 5' X 9', two-piece layout, with simple 2-train operation, and no accessories. We also agreed to use SHS track. Roger scanned several 5 X 9 plans from SHS's track plan book (attached), and John is going to find the article in CTT on the construction of SHS's display layout for reference.

Paul also suggested a club "contest" to get more involvement and interest among the members. Some ideas… build a structure, engine, or car, demonstrate wiring or scenery, show something railroad or S related… Come to the next meeting with your ideas.

Some of the things discussed… the recently announced "L" AF Big Boy, the On3 Galloping Goose conversions to S, the '08 NASG convention in Lowell, MA, …

Emil Suda sent copies of several interesting railroad and "S" articles that were available for perusing.

Don ran the 50/50 which was added to treasury.

We are scheduled to set up at the GSME Show at Batavia Downs on March 30th in conjunction with the Rochester Area S Gaugers. Please plan to attend to assist with set-up, tear-down, and running trains. We usually start setting up between 7 and 7:30, the show opens at 9:30. And, we operate until about 3 or 3:30 before dismantling the layout. Let Don know when you are available to help. Also, let him know if you are bringing modules so he can coordinate the set-up with RASG.

Mike Barren offered to repair the club's 282 CNW Pacific, hopefully in time for the show in Batavia. Thanks, Mike! And, Gregg will replace the coupler on the club's 290 Pacific.

The mystery of Paul Gburek's Buffalo Creek Graphics Erie / Buffalo South Western reefer has been solved! Member John Cole purchased the car on Sunday at the TTOS show and Paul W. collected the money in Paul G.'s absence.

The Bristol S Gaugers sent a DVD and brochures for the upcoming '08 NASG convention in Lowell, MA. We can view the DVD at a future meeting and the brochures will be available for anyone that needs one. Several members plan to attend and some are going via Amtrak.

Our next meeting will be at PAUL WACHOWICZ's home on Wednesday, MARCH 26, at 6 PM:
296 Shartle
N. Tonawanda, NY
Please call Paul and let him know if you are attending so he can plan accordingly.

Any volunteers or suggestions for the April or May meetings (and beyond)?



Mar 26 - WNYSSA MEETING, Paul Wachowicz's home, 296 Shartle, N. Tonawanda, NY - 716/693-6256 @ 6 pm
Mar 30 - GSME Show, Batavia Downs, Batavia, NY - WNYSSA Modules w/ RASG

Apr 13 - Iron Workers Hall, 196 Orchard Park Rd, West Seneca, NY
Apr 17-19 - Eastern Div TCA Meet, York, PA

May 2, 3 - Spring S Spree, Crossroads Expo Center, Dayton, OH

Aug 5-10 - NASG Convention, Doubletree Hotel, Lowell, MA

Sept 7, 8 - Central Terminal Train Show, Paderewski Dr, Buffalo, NY

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