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Welcome to the Rochester Area S-Gaugers's links page! Here you will find some of our members' favorite links.

Click the links below to find out more about us, see pictures of our layouts, and visit our favorite sites.

S Gauge, S Scale and Model Railroad

The following web sites offer comprehensive coverage of the S Gauge world.

The National Association of S-Gaugers has its own site: . The site includes information on the organization and assorted useful additional links.

Paul Yorke's list of S-related links is among the most comprehensive on the Web! His site makes a great starting point
S-related links

Craig O'Connell's S Scale Model Railroading Home-page. Both Craig's and Paul's websites offer a fine collection of links to check out the activities of S gauge clubs around the nation and the world
S Scale

Thomas Barker has been collecting AF for over 50 years and has written a book, Greenberg AF Repair Guide. Tom has offered to help others with their repair problems. He can be reached at his Amazon website.

The Western New York S Scale Association in the Buffalo NY area now has a web presence at Visit them at

The National Model Railroad Association also has a web presence. Visit the NMRA site for links to manufacturers' web pages and on-line layout tours.
National Model Railroad Association

S scale and American Flyer e-lists have much discussion of S scale topics. Visit;
S-Scale for scale model trains.
American Flyer (TM) for American Flyer (TM) and AF compatible trains.

e-Bay often has S-scale items up for bid. Since S-scale items on e-Bay can be harder to find, try the second link for the most listings.
American Flyer (TM) on e-Bay or Scales, General

What is available in S




Protoype Railroading

The following web sites offer a variety of information and links to prototype railroads.

The Cyberspace World Railroad offers a wide variety of information about real railroads, with a vast array of links.
Cyberspace World Railroad

Railroad.Net hosts many railroad pages and a number of forums, including the;
New York Railfan forum, for discussion of rail-roading in the state.



Miscellaneous Railroading Links

The following web sites are a collection of sites that don't conveniently fit the other sections.

Visit The Toy Trunk Railroad, the Coal Fired Comic Strip for some online fun!
Toy Trunk Railroad

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Postcard view of NYC terminal in Rochester, NY National Association of S-Gaugers