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We are members of the RASG (Rochester Area S-Gaugers) in upstate New York. We are always looking for new members and welcome anyone interested in modeling S scale, Hirail, or American Flyer. Click our contact us. link if you have interest in our club or questions about S-scale/gauge.

Click the links below to find out more about us, see pictures of our layouts, and visit our favorite sites.

Our club has a modular layout that we set up at shows several times a year during our active season that runs from September to June. See our layout page for more on this subject. On this page we would like to introduce some of the personalities that make up Rochester Area S-Gaugers Club.

The RASG Club Welcomes New Members

Webmaster's note; The e-mail that follows was written by Charles E. Smith on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 to and and carbon copied to club members with internet access.
While some of the details have changed such as we now have only five active members, the statements that Chuck made here are still valid.

The Rochester Area S-Gaugers club needs to recruit some new members. On occasions in the past we attended a train show and only had enough manpower to display our interactive kiddie layout and one sample module. We are looking for new members in the Rochester, NY area who are willing to help maintain the club modular layout, which is built to S-Mod standards, and help set up, operate and dismantle it about 4 times a year at area train shows. The layout uses code 148 ballasted track and runs both scale and hirail. Switches are moving frog to accept both scale and hirail. The layout is 10 by 20 feet right now- 6 straight modules, 4 corner modules, 2 bridge modules and 4 yard modules that fit in the center operating pit. The layout is up and running our club's new location.

We currently have about 8 active members and promote cooperation among the scale, hirail and Flyer guys. We need at least a couple more people to help set up at shows. We intend to find some ways to overhaul our modules so they set up faster. S-Mod standards are great when we interface with the WNYSGA (Buffalo club) but seem to be somewhat labor intensive for 1 day shows.
Chuck Smith's website has additional pictures and information about the RASG club.

Club History

The Rochester Area S-Gaugers club (RASG for short) was founded in the early to mid 1990's by Ted Larson and Chuck Smith joined the club short time later. For a short time, only the two gentlemen composed the club.

Rochester Area S-Gaugers has been privileged to have within its membership persons who hold or have held official positions in the National Association of S Gaugers, NASG for short.

Ted Larson who founded the RASG club has become an alumni of our club since he has retired from Kodak and returned to his home state of Minnesota. In addition to founding the RASG club, Ted is a moderator for the S-scale Yahoo e-mail list and occasionally writes for the NASG Dispatch magazine. When there are questions on the e-mail list about the NASG S-Mod standards, Ted has many of the answers.

Chuck Smith provided leadership for the RASG club for several years after Ted Larson returned to Minnesota. He also served as the club treasurer. Chuck had a nice Hi Rail layout known as the Chemung Valley Lines. He passed away in March, 2015.

Ted Larson (left) and Chuck Smith at the RIT Model Railroad Show, March 2006 in Henrietta, NY.
Ted Larson (left) and Chuck Smith at the RIT Model Railroad Show, March 2006 in Henrietta, NY.

A SD60 in CSX colors by American Models on Chemung Valley trackage

Both Ted and Chuck built personal webpages. Click on Members' Pages for an introduction and links to their websites.

Club Personalities

Bill Johnson has assumed the roles of contact person and club webmaster. Working with computers and designing webpages has been a natural progression of his career as an electronic technician. Ever since he received his first American Flyer electric train set when he was four years old, he has had an interest in electrical things. He has a collection of American Flyer sets, rolling stock and plasticville structures that to this point have been set up as Christmas tree layouts. He still dreams of building a permanent layout. Maybe next year. Bill has a personal webpage.
Click on Members' Pages for an introduction and a link to his website.

RASG's Bill Johnson at the 2008 RIT Tiger Tracks train show, Rochester, NY
RASG's Bill Johnson at the 2008 RIT Tiger Tracks train show, Rochester, NY.
The scenery on this bridge module has been improved by adding figures engaged in boating and fishing activities.

Left to right; RASG's Dave Daniel, George Cole and Al Flandro at a RASG club meeting in George's home, September 2015

Dave Daniel has American Flyer trains. Dave's experience as an electronic technician has come in handy a few times when electrical problems occur after setting up at a show.

George Cole's favorite prototype railroad is the New Haven Lines. He has several nice locomotives and rolling stock models of that railroad and other prototype railroads. George has nearly completed the expansion of his American Flyer layout, (That is if a model railroad layout ever is completed!). George likes to seek other people interested in American Flyer and S-Gauge model railroading to participate in the RASG club. One of George's main contributions to the RASG club is to provide transportation of club equipment to and from shows using his pick up truck. George improved the two bridge modules that are in the photos that are above and below by adding figures engaged in various aquatic activities.

Al Flandro has spent approximately eleven years building a superb S-scale model railroad in his finished train room on the lower level of his home. His layout measures ten feet by seven-teen feet and has a number of scratch built structures.

RASG's Chuck Smith and Duane Miner (Right) at the TTCS Shamrock show, Rochester, NY.
RASG's Chuck Smith and Duane Miner (Right) at the TTCS Shamrock show, Rochester, NY.

Duane Miner constructed the bridges shown in the photos above for the RASG layout's two foot bridge modules. Duane has American Flyer equipment.

Jeff Faust has American Flyer trains that he has brought to several of the shows. Jeff wrote a book on operating AF trains, now out of print, which was published by Greenberg. He is also interested in "N" gauge and belongs to a local N-Trak club also. His son, Wolfgang, also comes with his father to some shows.

RASG's Jeff Faust at the TTCS Fall 05 show, Rochester, NY
Jeff Faust manning the controls at the TTCS 2005 Fall 05 show, Rochester, NY.

The power monitor in this photo at the left is a small example of Jeff's fine craftsmanship.
The power monitor in this photograph is a small example of Jeff's fine craftsmanship.

Mike Shea who is a member of our club has also served as the treasurer at NASG. Mike also constructed several straight modules and donated them to the RASG club's modular layout.

Roger Delthony provided leadership for the RASG club for several years after Chuck Smith stepped down. Through Roger's contacts our club was able to obtain a club room in a couple of closed catholic schools. One of Roger's hobbies is electronics. He built a circuit that allows two trains to run at the same time on the inside track of the modular layout.

Roger Delthony (right) with Dave Daniel at the November 2011, TTCS Thanksgiving show, Rochester, NY.

This page will continue to be a work-in-progress type of document. Come visit us again to see our other members pictures and stories.

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