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Winona, AZ

Winona, AZ
Prakash Tendulkar, November 4,2006


IRFCA Arizona chapter had a rail fanning trip to Winona, AZ on November 5, 2006. Moe Safiari came from Tucson, Saqib Karori joined in Tempe and I came from Chandler. Ashish Gupta from North Phoenix wanted to join but had to cancel his plans due to personal emergency at the last minute.

Winona, AZ is located 10 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ with two bi-directional BNSF tracks. Track west of Flagstaff is mountain grade and rakes normally get four AC4400 locos delivering 17,600 horses. Sometimes, you see all four at the head, other times, you see two at head and two at tail ends.

However, today we saw 88 car, fully loaded grain hoppers getting total of nine AC4400 locos delivering whopping 39,600 horses. Four locos at head, three after 55 hoppers in DP (Distributed power) and two at the tail end. All locos were live.

H1.jpg (73344 bytes)  H1A.jpg (57624 bytes)  Head end of rake.

H2.jpg (67133 bytes)  DP units in middle

H3.jpg (60370 bytes)  Snake like rake

H4.jpg (58780 bytes)  Tail end showing entire rake.

Moe.jpg (31511 bytes)  The hopper train had stopped for signal. So we had photo shoot out. Here is Moe Safiari. Speed limit can be seen.

Saqib.jpg (79568 bytes)  Here is Saqib. Unfortunately, sun was facing camera.

B1.jpg (25361 bytes)  You can see clearly brake mechanism of grain hopper. I do not know the meaning of "HF" though.

V1.jpg (26831 bytes)  Vibrator in RR lingo, too.

I1.jpg (75418 bytes)  I2.jpg (70397 bytes)  Intermodal. Needless to say, every Engineer waved us.

M1.jpg (63669 bytes)  M2.jpg (64313 bytes)  M3.jpg (73623 bytes)  Mixed short freight

May I add that I have BNSF ID card to identify me as Rail fan and to prove my credentials?

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