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WDG5 is derived from SD80MAC by EMD. Diesel Loco Works, Varanasi, India is licensed to manufacture WDG4 (SD70MAC) and WDG5 (SD80MAC).

Due to lower axle load in India (21-tons), development of WDG5 had stalled. Now the axle load has increased to 22.5 tons (and soon going to be 25-tons or higher), first WDG5 was built in collaboration with EMD. The 20-710 power plant comes from EMD with modifications delivering 5,500 HP with 5,250 HP at wheels.

I liked easy layout of buttons on Engineer's desk. In India, Long Hood Front (LHF) and SHF driving is common as they do not have turn tables (anymore) and no wyes, either. So there are two sets of desk top controls.

This loco was the first one to provide toilet but since there are no tank discharge facilities, it is limited to urinal only. I was disappointed. During my younger days, I did not need a toilet for peeing while hauling freight train. It was nature's call and nature helped me. With no one by track side, I could not be charged for indecent public exposure.

I am grateful to friends at Rail Bhavan and DLW for this successful trip.

Bogies, frame, cab and safety infrastructure for cab has been designed by RDSO, Lucknow, India. 

wdg5_1.jpg (154550 bytes)  wdg5_2.jpg (180383 bytes)  Bheem was mythological wrestler with enormous strength. Hence the name.

wdg5_3.jpg (114242 bytes)  wdg5_5.jpg (114242 bytes)  Pre-fabricated bogie.

wdg5_4.jpg (93555 bytes)  Air dryer (not hair dryer)

wdg5_6.jpg (62115 bytes)  MR-1 (Main Reservoir 1), fuel tank underneath and on left, reservoir for air motor to start power plant along with electric motor.

wdg5_7.jpg (65732 bytes)  MR-2 and battery box

wdg5_8.jpg (64481 bytes)  EMD A2921-6 Traction Motor instead of Siemens 1TB2830 in original SD80MAC. EMD TMs are more reliable, have 6-years warranty compared to 2-years that Siemens offers in India on TMs.

wdg5_9.jpg (57086 bytes)  Doppler Radar

wdg5_10.jpg (72852 bytes)  8 volts batteries. Total 64 volts (72 volts when engine is running)

wdg5_11.jpg (45904 bytes)  Emergency fuel cut off valve. It became famous in movie, Unstoppable  when State Troopers opened fire at it to stop run away train.

wdg5_12.jpg (79903 bytes)  Builder's plate

wdg5_14.jpg (111646 bytes)  DLW Guest House

wdg5_15.jpg (75692 bytes)  wdg5_16.jpg (109086 bytes)  wdg5_17.jpg (71386 bytes)  wdg5_18.jpg (80247 bytes)  wdg5_19.jpg (49781 bytes)  Desktop controls. I really liked their layout that is significantly different than SD80MAC.

wdg5_20.jpg (83794 bytes)  Air conditioning / Heater outlets. Air-conditioner unit is imported since domestic units failed in WDG4 (SD70MAC)

WDG5_23.JPG (4156227 bytes)  Driver's Back-up Valve - DBV

wdg5_21.jpg (202033 bytes)  Loco layout

Salient features:

  1. There is no flange lubricator on WDG5.

  2. EMD have supplied engine assembly, alternator, TMs and the control system (E locker).

  3. Hybrid bogies are made in India under RDSO & DLW supervision. 

  4. Under-frame is designed and made by DLW with RDSO inputs.

  5. There are no Siemens IGBTs on this loco. 

  6. Dynamic brake grids are right behind the cab and not at the other end as in SD80MAC or SD80ACe.

SD80MAC Part 1 of 5

SD80MAC Part 2 of 5

SD80MAC Part 3 of 5

SD80MAC Part 4 of 5

SD80MAC Part 5 of 5

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