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Prakash Tendulkar


Flasher.jpg (72854 bytes)  Panel for Flasher.

Gauges.jpg (370189 bytes)  Gauges

Panel.JPG (499716 bytes)  Panel and indicators

Pantos.jpg (57559 bytes)  Pantograph switch has E (Emergency), DC, O, AC, E positions. Same is true in WCAMx family of locomotives. WCAM2 has 32 notches whereas WCAM3 has 33 notches. In WCAM3, notches 34 and above are located in separate display. Unique to WCAM3, TMs transit into parallel from notch 34 under DC wires. WCAM1 and WCAM2 run in Series and Series-parallel mode only under DC wires.

Speedo.jpg (71143 bytes)  Recording speedometer. Please note the absence of excess speed flasher.

Driver.jpg (71582 bytes)  He was smartly dressed than me.

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