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Aboard WCAM1

Aboard WCAM1
By Prakash Tendulkar


Sudhakar3.jpg (55473 bytes) With his left hand on Master controller, Engineer Sudhakar describing the controls. The box at right / center is the emergency warning system in case of derailment.

ammeter.jpg (56463 bytes) Colorful Ammeters and Voltmeter.

Brake_Gauge.jpg (56981 bytes) Pneumatic gauges for Vacuum and Air pressure. Please note that air brakes are applied to loco only in this unit # 815. WCAM1 # 805, 807, 812, 828, 838, 844, 845 and 850 are dual brake models.

Tresspassers.jpg (52245 bytes) Trespassers at Borivali.

Sudhakar1.jpg (38274 bytes) With a left hand on horn and right hand on Master controller, Engineer is ready to go.

bridge2.jpg (44468 bytes) Approaching Vasai (South) bridge. 

bridge1.jpg (35958 bytes)  This old bridge is no longer used.

panaju.jpg (47232 bytes) Pedestrians from Panju Island. Boat or Railway bridge are the only options for them. Construction for new alignment on the right. 

ranee.jpg (40755 bytes) Flying Rani with double Decker coaches.

jessop.jpg (40310 bytes) EMU made by Jessop and Co.

icf.jpg (54647 bytes) EMU made by Integral Coach Factory.

rajdhani.jpg (37400 bytes) Double headed Rajdhani with matching livery of WDM2. It's a history now.
Sudhakar2.jpg (53095 bytes)

sudhakar.jpg (35735 bytes) Engineer Sudhakar Tendulkar. May his soul rest in peace!

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