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Verde Canyon Rail Road, Arizona

Verde Canyon Rail Road, Arizona
Prakash Tendulkar


I visited Verde Canyon RR at Clarkdale, AZ on April 22, 2006, Saturday. It was a day that offered two schedules for the trip and I chose 9:00 AM departure rather than 2:30 PM. It was a wise decision for desert climate. Start your day before it gets too hot.

1510_1512.jpg (58496 bytes) The consist was EMD F7, VCRR #1510 & #1512. Their sibling #1500 can be seen at Alaska RR Museum near Wasilla, AK.

Gondola.jpg (69055 bytes) 16-coach rake had one power car (since F7 at ARR did not have HEP), one caboose, 7 passenger coaches and 7 Gondolas. One gondola was assigned for each passenger coach.

Caboose2.jpg (92603 bytes)  Caboose as seen at Clarkdale Deport.

Clarksdale_Depot.jpg (106147 bytes)  Picnic area at Clarkdale Depot.

Musician.jpg (44532 bytes)  Musician entertains RR patrons.

Ticket.jpg (33390 bytes)  Ticket

GP9.jpg (87392 bytes)  GP9 waiting for work.

Inside.jpg (52730 bytes)  Inside coach. It has three ceiling fans plus air conditioner, when necessary.

Sludge.jpg (78341 bytes)  Sludge formed by 40 years of smeltering covers 40-acres averaging 40 feet high.


BNSF_Coal_Hoppers.jpg (41145 bytes)  Unlike restored local lines to cater tourists, VCRR uses 20 miles part of (38 miles) freight line owned by her. It connects to BNSF's L.A. to Chicago Main Line at Drake, AZ. Coal hoppers by BNSF can be seen here.