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Western & Central Railway EMUs

Western & Central Railway EMUs
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001

  My good old friend. His original pictures were removed to avoid problems with rail management.

WR uses TMS (Train Management System, similar to a Radio Telephone??). Using TMS, the Motorman can talk to Train Controller, to a Motorman of on coming train by dialing his unit number, to his Guard (Conductor) or make announcement to commuters.

Few years back, WR added a circuit from AWS tachometer generator to Master Controller. If a rake is in motion and if EP (Electro-pneumatic brakes) circuit is switched on, the reverser cannot be placed in neutral. If one attempts to do so, emergency brakes are applied immediately. This explains why a Motorman who fell off the rake at Borivali had managed to keep Master controller depressed to prevent deadman circuit from tripping off. 

EP Switch.jpg (66567 bytes)  We are cruising at 40 km/hr, EP switch (now relocated high up on a left column near brake controller, not shown in picture) is off and the reverser is off, too. With EP switch off, one can easily defeat the safety feature.

EP Switch 2.jpg (60512 bytes)  Same scenario with EP switch On.

TMS.jpg (53277 bytes)  TMS1.jpg (47915 bytes)  Two different TMS units in different rakes.

AWS2.jpg (50505 bytes) AWS or Auxiliary Warning System. Both Western Railway (WR) and Central Railway (CR) use AWS, have sensors mounted on tracks to receive status of signal aspect. What is strange here is that WR's AWS is not programmed to take preventive action on CR's signals and vice versa. As a result, if a Motorman passes a signal over the speed limit on CR tracks but the rake does not belong to CR, no action is taken by AWS. Same holds true for CR rakes plying on WR tracks.

No need to worry folks, Motormen on WR and CR are very alert and safety conscious guys. Oops! I forgot to mention that CR now has a few female Motorwomen.

AWS1.jpg (50421 bytes)  Control Circuits for AWS.

Panel1.jpg (23918 bytes)  Panel3.jpg (32279 bytes)  Panel4.jpg (29477 bytes)  

Panel2.jpg (34648 bytes)  Gauges, Circuit Breakers and Switches for Motorman. We were running in series at 16 km/h (10 mph) and traction motors were drawing approximately 200 amps at 1500 V DC.

Guard Panel 1.jpg (33144 bytes)  Guard Panel 2.jpg (34929 bytes)  Switches for Guard (Conductor).

Notice Board.jpg (17826 bytes)  Bulletin board at Chief Loco Inspector's (CLI) office.

Bandra Yard Stabled rakes.jpg (71494 bytes)  Rakes stabled at Bandra Yard as seen from driving cab while descending on Bandra Flyover.

Commuters.jpg (76798 bytes)  For those who are not familiar with over crowding in suburban section in Mumbai, here is a picture of Virar bound EMU taken at Borivali.

Commercials on rake.jpg (62379 bytes)  Railway has been trying to lease space for commercials. The current trend is to let advertisers paint their commercial on the side.

Ads Removal.jpg (48483 bytes)  Older ads could be removed on the fly. Not so with newer commercials, unless the rake goes to POH shop for painting.

During my visit to Pune, I had an opportunity to meet Apurva, his wife Shyama, Aditi, Dr. Vasudev Kamath and Dr. Shirish Yande over a lunch at Apurva's home. When I talked to my old friend, a Motorman on Pune - Lonavala section, he invited me for a ride from PA - LNL and back. As expected, I could not resist his offer. So here are a few pictures from this trip.

Raja1.jpg (43342 bytes)

Negotiating the curves at Pune with master controller in "Series" position.

PA system.jpg (43923 bytes)

Looks like Central Railway is technologically behind Western Railway. This rake is equipped with older Public Address System rather than newer Train Management System or TMS deployed on Western Railway Rakes.

Two good additions to CR rakes are, one a tray for Motorman as well as Guard to keep sundry items (seen in this picture) and modified center ceiling lamp (not seen in this picture) to provide sufficient light without glare on windscreen glass. Rakes by Jessop & Company were always superior to the one made by ICF. Note 120 V outlet with a switch here. ICF rakes have an outlet (located in odd place) but no switch.

Raja2.jpg (49192 bytes)

PA and AWS control boxes are mounted on rear wall. Not seen in the picture, one box is mounted above Guard's seat and it hits the head of seat occupant. The rake is certified for 80 km/h but during longer runs prevailing on CR, actual speed may well exceed speed limit.

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