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Kolkata Trams

Kolkata Trams
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001



Nehru Science Museum, at Worli (in Mumbai) has some well guarded secrets. One of them is Kolkata Trams. They have one pre-electrification era 1 horse-power tram and early version of electric tram. Although they are not and cannot be fully restored, the view takes you back 100 years.

Horse 1.jpg (80143 bytes)  Horse-drawn Tram.

Horse 2.jpg (80240 bytes)  Another view of the same.

Electric 1.jpg (80380 bytes)  Interior of Electric Tram.

Electric 2.jpg (71410 bytes)  The light switches, fuses and two way switch to change the controls can be seen.

Master Controller.jpg (122552 bytes)  Master Controller

Red Road.jpg (43083 bytes) 

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