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Pictures from NRM Poster

Pictures from NRM Poster
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


During my visit to National Railway Museum or NRM at New Delhi, Shri Harsh Vardhan gave me a wall poster. Although it was easy to carry to Mumbai in Rajdhani Express, it was not possible to carry on International flight while returning home.

To make it easy, I cut the pictures and brought them with me. The pictures had a matte finish and borders as customary on posters.

I do not know who captured these pictures so the credit goes to Harsh Vardhan and anonymous photographers. I've added captions when possible since poster did not have any.

cst.jpg (33818 bytes)  Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai at night.

dhr.jpg (52617 bytes)  Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

Double WDM2.jpg (35554 bytes)  Double WDM2 headed rake.

Fireless Engine.jpg (20004 bytes)  Fireless Steam Engine on display at NRM.

mlr.jpg (17933 bytes)  Rail-Motor car from Matheran Light Railway on display at NRM.

Models at NRM.jpg (19997 bytes)  Models of locomotives in exhibit section at NRM.

mrm.jpg (40758 bytes)  Builder's plate from Mysore Railway Museum.

nrm.jpg (46890 bytes)  Bird's eye view of NRM.

nrm2.jpg (18738 bytes)

Old Steam freight.jpg (35354 bytes)  Freight train hauled by old steam loco.

psmt.jpg (20515 bytes)  PSMT as seen from NRM's cafeteria.

Steam at dusk.jpg (24119 bytes)

Steam at Taj.jpg (39115 bytes)  Steam loco with Taj in background. This picture also appeared on jacket of video, "The Great Indian Railways" by National Geographic Society.

Steam cab.jpg (23764 bytes)

Steam goods trains.jpg (69384 bytes)

wcg2.jpg (33241 bytes)

wcp2.jpg (20590 bytes)  WCP2 on display at NRM.

WDM2 under wires.jpg (48896 bytes)

wp.jpg (51023 bytes)

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