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Nehru Science Center

Nehru Science Center
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


Mysore Railway Museum is not the only place where junk Railway equipment are on display. Nehru Science Center joins the company.

C807_1.jpg (23439 bytes)  C-807 by North British Locomotive Co. from DHR.

C807_3.jpg (25402 bytes)  Maker's plate.

C807_2.jpg (37236 bytes)

C807.jpg (15078 bytes)

WCP2_2.jpg (42362 bytes)  WCP2 # 20024.

WCP2_3.jpg (51324 bytes)

WCP2.jpg (25129 bytes)

WCP2_1.jpg (52801 bytes)  Collapsible ladder to access rooftop.

WCP2_4.jpg (50548 bytes)  Side view.

WCP2_5.jpg (50911 bytes)  Brake shoe and driving wheel

WCP2_6.jpg (56576 bytes)  Another driving wheel is missing brake shoe.

WCP2_7.jpg (34713 bytes)  The driving cab is bare and traction gear is missing.

Steam Truck1.jpg (36894 bytes)  Also on display is a Steam driven truck.

Steam Truck2.jpg (38174 bytes)  The boiler behind driver's seat.

Steam Truck3.jpg (61754 bytes)  Two cylinders driving two chains.

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