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Mysore Railway Museum

Mysore Railway Museum
Prakash Tendulkar February 2001


If you neglect animals in zoo, you could face legal action from animal activists. However, you neglect vintage and valuable locos in Railway Museum, nobody can touch you. (Although Rail fans may curse you, it does not make any dent.) 

Mysore Railway Museum is a classic example of such neglect of vintage locos. The gate keeper will charge you an entrance fee plus camera fee, never issue receipt for camera fee and will not return the change, either. The sweeper will swap the dust towards rails. She has managed to conceal axel box of one (loco) tender so far.

Maharaja's saloon is so much full of dust that even a stray dog won't care to sleep there. I feel sorry for these locos and other displays.

Entrance Gate at Museum.jpg (85187 bytes)  Entrance gate with a logo, "MSR" for Mysore State Railways.

Austin car.jpg (87976 bytes)  Austin rail-motor car.

Maharaja Salon.jpg (58706 bytes)  Maharaja's saloon.

Maharaja Salon 2.jpg (67931 bytes)  Another view of the same.

Bed.jpg (61884 bytes)  Maharaja's bed and reading table. Uncovered and full of dust....

Saloon Plate.jpg (18664 bytes)  Decorative description plate

Steam.jpg (79953 bytes)  ES 506 4-6-2 is the first loco at the entrance.

The coach behind it, has had all fans lying on floor. Due for vanishing?????

Inspection car.jpg (107287 bytes)  Inspection car cum ticket office.

Inspection car 2.jpg (104224 bytes)  Another set of inspection cars.

Crane.jpg (63509 bytes)  A crane on display

AWR 119.jpg (70546 bytes)  W.G. Bagnall #1625 was made in 1900 for Khushalgarh - Kohat - Thal Railway which was a military frontier line. The loco was subsequently transferred to NWR. It operated at Timber Depot in Marala and was transferred later to Dhilwan Creosoting plant. This 2'-6" gauge loco is configured as 2-4-2ST. 

37244.jpg (76918 bytes)  Class E #37244  4-4-4T from SIR built by North British Locomotive Co. in 1920. Originally # 8, it was one of the three super heated locos.

37338.jpg (65438 bytes) Class TS/1 #37338 2-6-2T from SR. It was made by WG Bagnall in 1932 for Mysore State Railways.

YP.jpg (76028 bytes)  YP #2511 in a dilapidated shape. It is made by Telco in 1963.

YDM4 6200 at MYS.jpg (27560 bytes)  YDM4 #6200 on dual gauge track at Mysore station. It is the second YDM4 by DLW in 1968. (#6199 being the first one.) Still running strong, I guess!

Source for Technical and Historical information: Indian Locomotives by Hugh Hughes.

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