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Life as seen from Rails

Life as seen from Rails
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


I will try to keep rolling stock as much away as possible today but one cannot get away completely from it while viewing Life from Rails.

Chhupke Chhupke.jpg (50733 bytes)  Chhupke Chhupke (roughly translated as "hiding" while) smoking a "Bidi".

Coolie.jpg (49881 bytes)  Coolie and baggage at Pune.

Bullock cart.jpg (27826 bytes)  Bullock cart at Pune.

Shatabdi1.jpg (16807 bytes)  Shatabdi2.jpg (17447 bytes)  Shatabdi3.jpg (18963 bytes)  Clean (?) china in Mumbai - Pune Shatabdi. Same holds true for Mumbai - New Delhi Rajdhani, too.

Banana Fields.jpg (76322 bytes)  Banana fields in Tapi River basin.

Bananas for loading.jpg (51624 bytes)  Bananas ready to load in freight wagons.

Brick factory.jpg (66349 bytes)  Brick factory by Allahabad - Varanasi route.

Coupling a loco.jpg (47806 bytes)  Not an easy job, Man! Coupling a loco at Igatpuri.

Derailment.jpg (58742 bytes)  A derailment nobody cares, at Bhusaval.

Emergancy Exit Window.jpg (29810 bytes)  Not MS Window but Emergency Exit Window in AC II tier coach.

Goats & Relief train.jpg (42167 bytes)  Goats pretending to be GRP protecting Relief train????

Greenery at Nepa.jpg (64509 bytes)  Greenery near Nepa station.

Holy cow.jpg (51388 bytes)  Thou art Holy! (No offense intended). At Igatpuri station.

Hunterwallah.jpg (66889 bytes)  Hunterwallah in a shopping center outside Vasai station.

Igatpuri.jpg (68114 bytes)  Igatpuri station today. Mary-Lynn, are you watching??

Kasara Ghat 1.jpg (49191 bytes)  An UP train descending Kasara Ghat pictured from Dadar - Gorakhpur Express.

Kasara Ghat 2.jpg (70395 bytes)  Run away train catch siding in Kasara Ghat.

LED Signal at SBC.jpg (24550 bytes)  LED starter signal at Bangalore (SBC).

Milkmen Special.jpg (57189 bytes)  Milkmen Special on the way to Allahabad, pronounced "Illahabad" locally. 

Mouse.jpg (34163 bytes)  Every computer literate person knows Mouse but will not like this mouse. One (out of five at that spot) at Mughal Sarai station. I wonder if they are covered by medical insurance from railway in case of food poisoning.

Naini Junction.jpg (65291 bytes)  A clean station before we reached Allahabad. Signs are in English, Hindi and Urdu.

Petrol stains.jpg (53735 bytes)  Are these stains caused by Petrol??

Prayag Bridge.jpg (54874 bytes)  Old rail cum road bridge at Prayag has been abandoned now. New road bridge is hidden behind it and our train is traveling over the new rail bridge.

Rooftop travellers at Khandwa.jpg (40460 bytes)  Roof top travelers on Khandwa. The rake came from a non-electrified track.

Tonga.jpg (75393 bytes)  One horse power Tonga.

Wedding Special.jpg (36596 bytes)  It sure was a lavish wedding. A rake with 16 coaches reserved for wedding party.

Tea Kettle.jpg (53255 bytes)  If you look carefully, the kettle has charcoal burning stove at the bottom to keep tea warm. Tea is served in disposable clay cups.

Ashok Arora.jpg (42971 bytes)  This picture was not taken from rails but worth publishing here. My old and gold friend, Dr. Ashok Arora, Ph.D. in History from Pune University retired from WR as M/man. He is an author of book on History of Bombay Suburban section. Two editions have been sold out. He can also be seen in National Geography's video about Great IR. He hails from Ajmer.

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