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Diesel Loco Shed, K.R. Puram

Before I start, I must thank the main driving force behind Bangalore expedition, in all the senses, Shri S. Shrinivas. I am also grateful to Shri Rakesh Misra, DRM SBC and Shri Govind Kumar, Sr. DME at KJM.

entrance.jpg (39789 bytes) Entrance of Krishnarajapuram (KJM) Diesel Loco Shed.

Simulator.jpg (50350 bytes)  Brake simulator helps to identify air and vacuum brake problems.

Loco Test 1.jpg (54536 bytes)  Locos are tested thoroughly after POH to ensure that diesel power plant and generator / alternator are in perfect shape.

Loco Test 5.jpg (55626 bytes)  DSC_1188.jpg (57201 bytes)  Output from generator / rectifier is routed to resistors immersed in water tank to simulate load.

Loco Test 2.jpg (58786 bytes)  The voltage and current at various engine speeds is monitored.

Loco Test 3.jpg (51468 bytes)  The chart shows expected results.

Loco Test 4.jpg (43673 bytes)  As expected water in tank starts boiling up as load increases.

Loco Washing Plant.jpg (48746 bytes)  Loco washing plant makes KJM diesels shine.

Laboratory 1.jpg (48912 bytes)  Laboratory 2.jpg (57657 bytes)  Laboratory calibrates all instruments in WDMx family locos. A very spotless lab I've seen.

WDM2C 14077.jpg (38429 bytes)  Brand new WDM2c #14077 with smiling S. Srinivas in front. (One of our men at SBC)

New bogie.jpg (31506 bytes)  The bogie still shows the original color from DLW, Varanasi.

POH of engine.jpg (50474 bytes)  The power plant ready to be overhauled.

Routine maintenance.jpg (39085 bytes)  Another view of the same loco.

Rebuilt armature.jpg (45440 bytes)  Rebuilt armature.

Traction Motor.jpg (32051 bytes)  Traction motor being rebuilt.

Traction Motor 1.jpg (47507 bytes)  Rebuilt and ready to go traction motor.

Generators.jpg (44323 bytes)  The dynamic brake grid blower and motor.

Axels Bogies and springs.jpg (53881 bytes)  Area where bogies are reconditioned.

WDM2 Bogie.jpg (34288 bytes)  Bogie removed from WDM2 for reconditioning.

Transition Relays.jpg (58821 bytes)  Transition relays in WDM2.

Control_circuits.jpg (44328 bytes)  Pneumatic reverser valve and circuits.

controls.jpg (49329 bytes)  Traditional controls in WDM2. (Original Alco design).

Traditional cab 2.jpg (44553 bytes)  Traditional controls with reference to driver's seat.

Desktop controls.jpg (58849 bytes)  Compare traditional controls with indigenous desktop controls. There is no legroom and driver has to bend over the controls. Drivers hate this design. WDP2 has somewhat similar layout.

switches.jpg (24729 bytes)  This loco does not seem to have MU capability.

Indicator lamps.jpg (23326 bytes)  Indicator lamps.

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