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Harbor Branch

Harbor Branch
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


Bandra Flyover.jpg (77183 bytes)  Approaching Bandra Flyover from Khar.

Slum2.jpg (53976 bytes)  Near Kings Circle station, only one row of slums have been demolished.

Slum1.jpg (73436 bytes)  Slums on the left are perilously close to tracks.

Raoli1.jpg (72042 bytes)  Approaching Raoli junction. The old track that formed notorious diamond crossing is still there but UP trains from Kings Circle use flyover instead.

Raoli2.jpg (73659 bytes)  Raoli Flyover

Approaching VT.jpg (54451 bytes)  Approaching VT. Due to location of station and path of sun during winter, one cannot avoid the haze, no matter what time of the day it is.

Locos at VT.jpg (40249 bytes)  Some locos at VT

Tata Substation at VT.jpg (21771 bytes)  Tata's electrical substation near Masjid.

Container1.jpg (33524 bytes)  COFC at Sandhurst Road

Container2.jpg (36109 bytes)  Container3.jpg (36639 bytes)  Container4.jpg (33671 bytes)  

Main-Line.jpg (48660 bytes)  Central Railway Main Line tracks at Sandhurst Road as viewed from Harbor Branch.

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