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MCT Carshed

MCT Carshed
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


Viraf listening to Kaka Phadke.jpg (67461 bytes)  With several pictures at hand, I was wondering where to start with. Viraf had secured photo permit for us. And my old friend, Shri Datta Phadke, Chief Loco Inspector at MCT agreed to escort us to Carshed to zip us past the RPF jawans. Seen here in the office near the work area, Datta Phadke (L) and Viraf (R).

Rake 617.jpg (70387 bytes)  Rake # 617 undergoing routine service.

Mile Stones.jpg (74965 bytes)  Mile Stones at MCT Carshed.

Model of bogie.jpg (24650 bytes)  Model of air suspension bogie.

Model of bogie 2.jpg (26700 bytes)  Model of conventional bogie.

Caution Board.jpg (62793 bytes)  This rake has returned from POH and undergoing extensive checks. Caution board at driving cab reflects the status.

Ads Removal.jpg (48483 bytes)  During routine maintenance, ads can be removed when necessary.

Bearings.jpg (17606 bytes)  Not the best picture, though. Wheel bearings are being lubricated during routine maintenance. I saw similar activity at Kalyan loco shed, too.

Khalasi working on lights.jpg (75012 bytes)  Khalasi working on lights 2.jpg (65158 bytes)  Khalasi working on electrical accessories.

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