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Train Management System - W R

Train Management System - W R
Prakash Tendulkar


Train Management System or TMS is a new concept where new technology is introduced in managing a vast network of suburban traffic from one central point with visual display, rather than telephone receiver and scratch pad.

Western Railway is the first zonal railway to implement this technology.

It runs on Compaq Alpha server (or shall I call it as H-P Beta server?) with software from a vendor specialized in train management system over the globe. It is located at Mumbai Central and access to this area is controlled.

Although it is not fully operational yet, it does offer potential benefits against operational glitches caused by human error under traditional system where far too many controllers with scratch pads and telephone receivers have no human inter-action amongst themselves.

Every move on each one of the consoles is logged and hence "not me" cannot be heard or said in case of mishap.

At present, only a few control towers can be managed remotely from the system, although actual operation capabilities are retained by the control tower staff.

Birds Eye view 3.jpg (40996 bytes)  Birds Eye view.jpg (49895 bytes)  Birds Eye view 2.jpg (49737 bytes)  Bird's Eye view from Churchgate to Virar for an operator.

Behind the screens.jpg (47832 bytes)  Behind the screens, you can see a huge rack with an array of video monitors.

Display 1.jpg (33512 bytes)  The on screen display from Grant Road station shows relevant information about the trains due on each one of the four platforms, if they are slow or fast, # of coaches in the rake.

Display 2.jpg (28670 bytes)  Tracks and occupancy of any station on the suburban network can be displayed on the fly with statistical data, if necessary.

Thats me.jpg (25054 bytes)  You have guessed it right! The person in the center with fancy T-shirt is me.

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