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By Prakash Tendulkar


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Western Railway introduced a 3 coach SIG Rake in early 60s. Initially, it operated only on Saturday afternoon, leaving Churchgate around 1 P.M. for Virar. It did not stop on stations between Marine Lines and Dahisar and covered the entire route in 1 hour and 10 minutes. 

Subsequently, six more coaches were added to make it a 9 coach rake. It was, however, discontinued in 1967 due to high breakdown rate.

Picture shows the rake waiting at Vasai Road (Then Bassein Road) Home signal.

Picture taken by Mr. Damania of Bombay Photo Studio, Vasai in 1963 and a copy was presented to me free of cost on March 17, 2000. This picture also appears on front cover of Dr. A.K.Arora's book, "History of Bombay Suburban Railways".

Similarity of design between SIG and ICF coaches can easily be noticed here.

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