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Rail Wheel Factory, Bangalore
Prakash Tendulkar


I visited second time to RWF in Bangalore. This PU is very particular about "No photography" rule. During my first visit, I obeyed their rule and wanted to take picture of plinthed loco near gate while leaving. My friend, S. Srinivas suggested I ask permission from RPF. Believe it, he rejected my request right away. So this time I visited, armed with photo permit from Railway Board.

RWF (Rail Wheel Factory. earlier known as Wheel and Axle Plant) was set up in mid 1980s in collaboration with GRIFFIN in US. ( ) She not only manufactures wheels but manufactures axles, too. The entire process is automated with minimal interaction by human being.

The raw material for wheels is scrapped steel junk, including old wheels, from IR. For axles, she uses ingots from Indian steel plants. It has a planned capacity to manufacture 70,000 wheels of different sizes, 23,000 axles and to assemble 23,000 wheel sets.

This is a photo essay with minimal comments.

The first part shows how scrapped steel is melt to form wheels. The second part shows how axles are forged. And the last part shows how wheels and axles are mated to form a wheel set. I have not named sections as Part1, Part 2, etc.; the photos were taken sequentially to reflect manufacturing process at every stage.

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