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Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 Northern #261
Michael Dixon, Minneapolis, MN


Milwaukee Road 261 is an S3 class 4-8-4 Northern locomotive. Built in a group of 10 by American Locomotive Company in 1944, the 261 saw regular service between Chicago and Minneapolis until retirement in 1955. When the 261 was built, it was "the last word in 4-8-4 design", featuring roller bearings, precision firing equipment, 74" drivers, 26 x 32 cylinders, 250 psi boiler pressure, 460,000 lbs operating weight, 62,040 pounds of tractive effort, Milwaukee’s solid cast pilot and all weather cabs.

The engine is housed here in Minneapolis when not on rail fan tours. The last images are of an observation car which used to be used on the '400' between Minneapolis/St Paul & Chicago [400 was for 400 minutes station to station].

More pictures can be seen at their Photo Gallery.

Michael Dixon, October 07. 2006

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Added on 10/24/2006

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