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Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2005


During my visit to New Delhi in early February 2005, fellow IRFCA member, Mohan Bhuyan, graciously took time to show me Old Delhi station and Delhi Metro.

VIP.jpg (62619 bytes)  VIP2.jpg (35205 bytes)  VIP3.jpg (25065 bytes)  At Old Delhi yard, we saw a VIP coach that was (obviously) locked.

Brake_Test.jpg (57403 bytes)  Person from carriage department performing brake test on rake in yard.

EMU.jpg (42366 bytes)  AC EMU in Delhi. Can't they find a color better than olive green?

Sign.jpg (36501 bytes)  One sign fits all.

Shrine.jpg (62810 bytes)  Shrine under the platform, complete with lights.

Map.jpg (33937 bytes)  Map of Delhi Metro network. Beware! Photography is strictly prohibited.

Currently, underground Yellow line operates between Vishwa Vidyalaya and Kashmere Gate where it meets over ground Red line that operates between Shahdara - Rithala.

Underground Yellow line seems to be pretty fast. The over ground Red line is too slow, compared to stopping at all stations EMU in Mumbai.

Mohan.jpg (22416 bytes)  The flash from camera alerted the operator. He took trouble by coming out of his cab to let me know photography is prohibited in Delhi Metro. I gladly obliged him because I was done with my work. Smiling Mohan Bhuyan seen in this picture.

Emergancy_exit.jpg (18017 bytes)  Emergancy_exit2.jpg (19300 bytes)  Emergency exit signs direct passengers towards Operator's cab.

Metro.jpg (34614 bytes)  Metro2.jpg (42781 bytes)  The finishing and craftsmanship is superb. This is something MRVC and ICF need to look at.

I did not notice any vandalism or graffiti, either in train or stations. Did I miss it?

Vestibule.jpg (26428 bytes) Vestibule.

Track3.jpg (23818 bytes)  Track on concrete bed as seen from window.

Track2.jpg (26600 bytes)  At the end of line, every rake is emptied, moved forward outside the station, reversed and brought back to the station on another platform. One cannot make unlimited round trips without leaving train (and without paying fare for new trip).

Track.jpg (30929 bytes)  View of track from outside the station.

The negative side of Delhi Metro is larger gap between coach and platform on stations located on curves. During this visit, I saw a young kid tripping over this gap.

Gang.jpg (38950 bytes)  Bharat Vora, Vikas Singh and Mohan Bhuyan seen in Metro. Thanks a million to Mohan for taking me around.

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