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Monkey Hill

Monkey Hill
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2005


During my visit to Pune in February 2005, Pune chapter of IRFCA arranged a trip to Monkey Hill. Apurva, Ashish, Hrishikesh, John and myself boarded Sinhagad Express at 6 AM and landed in Monkey Hill after about an hour and 15 minutes.

Shailesh and Shashanka (we have more than one Shashanka on the forum) were coming from Mumbai to join us couple of hours later. So Pune folks decided to explore third line while I waited at Monkey Hill to receive the duo and explore surrounding area.

Monkeys.jpg (75337 bytes)  Current and future generations will carry the name forward.

Danger2.jpg (26017 bytes)  Rail-fanning is great as long as you do not take undue risks like standing in front of oncoming train as seen in this picture.

Danger.jpg (44492 bytes)   But this may be illusion because....

Indrayani.jpg (54041 bytes)  Indrayani (??) passes by. Run away tracks can be seen on the left.

Runaway.jpg (59011 bytes)  Better view of runaway track.

G_Sam.jpg (75145 bytes)  A good Samaritan fixes the leaking water pipe. He tells me, there are many leaks like this in Bhor ghat. Sounds fishy, isn't it? BTW, water pipes are the sole source of drinking water for crew working on track maintenance.

He was returning home after night shift. I casually asked if he had a good sleep and he replied affirmatively while yawning.

Life.jpg (44021 bytes)  Life2.jpg (42623 bytes) Life in ghat.

Janata.jpg (69167 bytes)  Janata dwelling in ghat is waiting for the same train that Mumbai duo will be coming in from.

Gang5.jpg (72775 bytes)  Soon everyone joined me at Monkey Hill. Shailesh talking to Apurva.

Gang4.jpg (65635 bytes)  Ashish, Hrishikesh, Apurva, Shailesh and Shashanka. The guy on track is unknown.

Gang2.jpg (68623 bytes)  John and Hrishikesh facing camera.

 Gang.jpg (72917 bytes)  John.jpg (49895 bytes)  John sitting near (his favorite spot) advanced starter at MHC.

Sign.jpg (27447 bytes)  Driver to stop beyond this board (but before the signal).

Smoke.jpg (75900 bytes)  Smoke from brake shoes.

Cabin_View.jpg (74753 bytes)  Panoramic view from MHC cabin.

Hrishikesh, Shailesh, Shashanka and myself hitched a ride to Karjat and enjoyed nice Batata Vada outside station. (26 pieces between just four of us).

Old.jpg (37511 bytes)  Old2.jpg (61221 bytes)  Two historical pieces at Karjat yard.

Gang3.jpg (41103 bytes)  John and Ashish came to Pune station to send me off.

Incense.jpg (34858 bytes)  A scene very common in India, burning incense sticks.

Speedo.jpg (26865 bytes)  How's that?

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