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Medha Servo Drives

Medha Servo Drives
Thank you, my friends!


DSC_1285.jpg (114970 bytes)  Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd. Lobby

DSC_1286.jpg (139561 bytes)  Their Vision

DSC_1287.jpg (93054 bytes)  DSC_1288.jpg (73315 bytes)  Miniatures in Demo Lab

DSC_1289.jpg (74535 bytes)  Demo WDG4. Computer on left is used for simulation

DSC_1290.jpg (84395 bytes)   DSC_1291.jpg (71043 bytes)   Rack for Circuit breakers, microprocessor, diagnostic display.

DSC_1292.jpg (76981 bytes)  Display for Loco Pilot. This was a major improvement.

DSC_1293.jpg (98008 bytes)  High voltage Inverter banks

DSC_1295.jpg (86744 bytes)  DSC_1294.jpg (76809 bytes)  Inverter bank for Auxiliary supply

DSC_1296.jpg (54545 bytes)  Desk Top for loco pilot

DSC_1297.jpg (214719 bytes)  Beautiful landscape in front of building


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