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MRVC Rakes in Mumbai

MRVC Rakes in Mumbai
Thanks to Shri Vinay Prabhakar, CPRO, W. Rly


I traveled by MRVC rake, met Dr. P.C. Sehgal, MD at MRVC and also sought input from my Motormen friends.

At_KILE.jpg (49382 bytes)  MRVC rake at Kandivali car shed (KILE). Glass in driving cab is large with no protection from afternoon sun.

At_KILE2.jpg (52613 bytes)

cab1.jpg (60586 bytes)  Driving cab is spacious, well laid out with speedometer, BP pressure and Brake cylinder pressure gauges in front of M/man.

Cab2.jpg (74322 bytes)  View from Guard side. Note two speedometers. The second one is on left pillar and it is connected to AWS.

FC_GC_separation.jpg (58723 bytes)  Steel bars separating First class and Gandhi class passenger.

FC_Legroom.jpg (47629 bytes)  Now, the legroom in First class with GM seating in it. Feel free to complain and do so loudly.

FC_Seating.jpg (50252 bytes)  This is First class seating. Agreed that seats at end of coach in FC have cramped leg room. But most guys complaining about it do not travel by FC. Typical of India.

GC_Seating.jpg (50333 bytes)  Gandhi class seating. 

GC_Seating2.jpg (40943 bytes)

Side_Bars.jpg (72019 bytes)  I have read lots of complaints about side bars. It seems to be that they protect passenger standing near door but are not getting down at platform. And they are almost invisible when doors are open.

Side_Bars2.jpg (48235 bytes)  Ventilating slats are on the lower side of door so rain will not make you totally uncomfortable.

Now about MRVC. MRVC owns this project, co-ordinates it. Railways are customers and ICF plus Siemens are vendors.

MRVC cannot say let IR or ICF work on issues related to sun shades or handles. MRVC can say, we arranged to have two proto types for each railway and we are going to act based on feedback from passengers.

Unless, MRVC understands and accepts her responsibility, passengers will never fully enjoy travel in MRVC rakes.

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