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My Dear Datta,

My sincere apology for delay in publishing this web. However, better late than never.



This is a collection of pictures at three different events. Farewell at CCG with management, farewell trip at VR and farewell party at STC. I also made some 100+ M/men friends during these events. Looking forward to see you guys when I arrive in Mumbai on December 26. 2006.

Thank You.jpg (44290 bytes) At CCG, Thank You all and Good Bye!

At VR4.jpg (37370 bytes)  Farewell begins at VR with band

At VR.jpg (77774 bytes) 

At VR2.jpg (59413 bytes)

 At VR23.jpg (44903 bytes)  No worries! M/man has not charged brake-pipe yet.

In Driving cab.jpg (56184 bytes)

Approaching NSP.jpg (39198 bytes)