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KJM 2012

KJM 2012
Prakash Tendulkar


I visited KJM third time in February 2012. I was more interested in WDG4 / WDP4 problems than anything else, especially Siemens TMs that had problems in Mumbai EMU, too. I was not disappointed. So here is a photo essay without much of text or comments.

dsc_1170.jpg (241561 bytes)  Alco compressor

dsc_1171.jpg (209025 bytes)

dsc_1173.jpg (209314 bytes)  This is one cylinder mini engine built using Alco cylinder to train new comers. A very brilliant idea.

dsc_1180.jpg (247619 bytes)  EM-2000

dsc_1183.jpg (97383 bytes)  Load testing in old fashioned way.

DSC_1201.jpg (46492 bytes)  Logo - It is a monument for Silver Jubilee celebrations of KJM. It was designed by Technicians in KJM.

 dsc_1205.jpg (51554 bytes)

dsc_1206.jpg (47222 bytes)  Microprocessors in WDM3

dsc_1209.jpg (76476 bytes)  Dynamic brake grids

dsc_1215.jpg (58102 bytes)  Defective WDP4A TMs by Siemens. I could count several dozens of them. As of December 2012, the count is 68 TMs at KJM alone.

dsc_1217.jpg (39469 bytes)  But the problem is....they are out of their warranty.

KJM has started converting 4-motors WDP4 into 6-motors WDP4B. 20054 and 20062 have been converted to 6-motors version with necessary changes in software. (As of December 2012)

DSC_1219.jpg (52557 bytes)

DSC_1220.jpg (39178 bytes)  Doppler Radar card testing

dsc_1225.jpg (20314 bytes)  Very smart SSE, Eldo V. I bestow this honor rarely as I myself am a technical person. The last time, I bestowed this honor to an individual was, Shri Chanbasu Sawakar, AME at UBL who was a promotee.

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