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Flagstaff Again
Prakash Tendulkar, October 28, 2006


Mile long train.jpg (76609 bytes)  Bird's eye view of more than a mile long rake as seen from Lowell's Observatory.

Mile long train2.jpg (71469 bytes)

Railfans.jpg (105685 bytes)  Rail fans at Lowell Observatory with Saqib on the right.

Speed limits.jpg (106727 bytes)  Top board indicates speed limit for passenger, bottom one is for freight.

Container.jpg (58814 bytes)  You can guess how low the lower container is.

Bankers.jpg (72612 bytes)  Bankers or Helpers

Hazmat.jpg (52242 bytes)  Hazardous material. Speed limit 40 mph for Passenger trains, 35 mph for freight and a sharp curve ahead is indicated by sign.

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