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Amtrak Depot, Flagstaff, AZ

Amtrak Depot, Flagstaff, AZ
Prakash Tendulkar - May 20, 2006


Amtrak.jpg (41686 bytes)  Amtrak Depot, Flagstaff, AZ

F1.jpg (51070 bytes)  Westbound container rake

Container.jpg (43959 bytes)  Close-up of containers

F2.jpg (80557 bytes)  Eastbound trailer rake

Trailers.jpg (43053 bytes)  Close-up of trailers

Motel.jpg (40558 bytes)  Historical sign for motel.

IRFCA.jpg (44028 bytes)  IRFCA T-shirt and cap from first IRFCA convention at Pune, India.

Safe_Railfanning.jpg (53730 bytes)  Safe Rail fanning practice followed by responsible rail fans

Safe_Railfanning2.jpg (82446 bytes). Safe rail fanning with kids. The stroller is well behind yellow marker line and child is strapped in stroller.

Safe_Railfanning3.jpg (51181 bytes)  Rail fans watching passing train by standing behind yellow marker line. Happy and Safe rail fanning.

BNSF.jpg (64523 bytes)  Marker at BNSF Depot.

BNSF_Depot.jpg (66560 bytes)  Historical BNSF Depot building.

Southwest25.jpg (36939 bytes)  Southwest 25 2-8-0 at BNSF Depot.

Baldwin.jpg (45767 bytes)  Baldwin plate at smoke box.

Dead_End.jpg (133582 bytes)  Dead end at short loop line.

Clips.jpg (68649 bytes)  Different types of clips for concrete and wood ties (sleepers).


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