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Ergonomics of WCAM3

Ergonomics of WCAM3
Prakash Tendulkar


WCAM3 and her sister loco type WCAM2 are not designed ergonomically for the comfort of driver. The seat is fixed to the wall and cannot be adjusted or moved.

My friend is 5'-8" tall, a normal height for most Indians. When he sits on the seat, his knees touch master controller housing. Keeping his toes on foot-rest did not help him, either.

To make the matter worse, the pedal to release train brakes (only) while shunting, is underneath master controller housing, brake controller is far to the left and his view on right side is partially obstructed.

WCAM1 with a bar stool was much better than WCAM2/3. Needless to say, they are nowhere close to WCMx seats.

WCAM3_1.jpg (45803 bytes)

WCAM3_2.jpg (47057 bytes)

WCAM3_3.jpg (56577 bytes) Walkie-Talkie can be seen resting on desk.

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