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Chennasandra - A Ghost Station

Chennasandra - A Ghost Station
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


I visited Chennasandra in February 2001. This station is listed in Southern Railway Time Table, 433/434 Banglore - Guntur Passenger stops here, it has a control tower, it is a junction where five tracks converge at two levels, it has a level crossing gate. Everything looks normal, neat in place, except ..... 

.......... this station does not have a platform or a sign board to announce its' presence.

CT.jpg (35289 bytes)  Panel at Chennasandra Control Tower

Chennasandra2.jpg (41185 bytes)  Facing Bangalore City, one can see tracks on left heading to higher level to meet track on upper level that cross lower level tracks at 90 degrees.

Chennasandra1.jpg (33769 bytes)      Karnataka.jpg (45841 bytes)      Karnataka2.jpg (17688 bytes) 

24 coaches, double headed Karnataka Express at Chennasandra.

Chennasandra.jpg (41437 bytes)  Chennasandra has electrified as well as non-electrified tracks!

The credit for taking me to Chennasandra goes to Shri S. Srinivas, IRFCA member from Bangalore.

Addendum: Another Railfan from Chennasandra, Karthik M.V., has pointed out that a reference be made that these pictures were taken from Chennasandra control tower and not from the main station.

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