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Amtrak Coaches

Amtrak Coaches
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Amtrak offers three different coach styles, Viewliners and Acela are single deck whereas Superliners are double deck coaches.

Of these, Acela are day trains, something like Intercity Express in Indian Railway. I am not covering them.

Viewliners and Superliners are used by long distance trains. Types of accommodation offered by them remains more or less same with few major differences. Viewliners do not offer family bedroom and Sightseer lounge car.

IMHO, Roomette compares very favorably to AC1 coupe. Bedroom, Family Bedroom and Accessible bedroom are unique to Amtrak (compared to IR only, as other RRs may offer similar or better accommodation).

Viewliner_Coach.jpg (15561 bytes)  Viewliner Coach

Superliner_Coach.jpg (23551 bytes)  Superliner Coach

Accessible_Bedroom.jpg (35265 bytes)  Accessible Bedroom (for handicapped travelers) for Superliner and Viewliner.

Viewliner_Roomette.jpg (33660 bytes)  Viewliner Roomette

Viewliner_Bedroom.jpg (56085 bytes)  Viewliner Bedroom

Bedroom.jpg (36163 bytes)  Bedroom for Superliner.

Roomette.jpg (38176 bytes)  Roomette for Superliner.

Superliner_Family_Bedroom.jpg (43741 bytes)  Superliner Family Bedroom.

Sightseer_Lounge_Car.jpg (25130 bytes)  Superliner Sightseer Lounge car.

Viewliner_Lounge_Cafe_Car.jpg (15559 bytes)  Viewliner Lounge Cafe Car

Superliner_Dining_Car.jpg (23482 bytes)  Superliner Dining Car

Viewliner_Dining_car.jpg (11817 bytes)  Viewliner Dining Car

Superliner_Sleeping_Car.jpg (45666 bytes)  Superliner Sleeping Car

Viewliner_Sleeping_Car.jpg (15394 bytes)  Viewliner Sleeping Car

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