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This is a personal website dedicated to the History, Past and Present of GO Transit in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. This website will only reflect positively on the GO Transit System, Company and operations. Web contents are mostly historical while detailing old and new locomotives, and historical material.

In no way is this site affiliated with GO Transit, although from time to time employees of GO have contributed additional material, corrections and/or updates to fully and correctly present accurate information.

All photographs taken are for personal, nonprofit use only and permission for use of any and all photographic content or notes must be made directly to RB. Where a photograph on my website is not credited or not property credited and it is known who took the image, please advise by email so it can be corrected.

No funds are collected or paid out for the maintenance of this website, its contents, or photographic images. Any errors are soley my responsiblity.

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