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See also: Repaint webpage and specific details of all Series coaches
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Original GO Logo

The original GO logo has a narrow 'T'

New GO Logo

The new GO logo on repainted GO coaches a much broader 'T'

Newest GO coach #4000 (Jan 2017)
- note black numbering (easier reading) located on the A end side of coach
. numbers not centered under the window
. windows now 9/4/4
. NO bulkhead numbering on A end of 4000 only (so far!)

New 4000s B End mostly have white numbering on the bulkhead (not on B end sides)

Note A Ends: 4006 White only / 4008 with white numbers black background

New 4000s Full coach A to B ends
Note coach 4000 has no bulkhead number

New 4000s have inconsistent number locations
on the A end
OR...are they - as of Jan 2018
4006 has had the B end number removed

It is happening!!! The B Ends of the new 4000 CEM coaches are starting to get numbers added!!! (Oct 2017)

Coach 2309 - very faint A end side number

GO 2039 - Last bi-level refurbished by CAD
in Montreal - equipped with fabric seat cushions & work tables with a power supply for lap tops. Soon GO will start a refurbishment program on all of the Bi-II cars in one contract. The Bi-I refurbishment was done in two contracts.

GO 2830 does not have '2830' painted at the B end only (A end okay & bulkheads okay)

(Note: All new paint scheme coaches do not as well, replaced with 'Metrolinx')

ex-Cabcar 230 (now cab-oach) NO number A end

GO 2421 No outside coach number B end (A end okay)

GO 2659
when first delivered had very small numbers compared to her sister 2660 beside her

GO 2008 the only coach with the black letter 'B' painted on the B end

GO 2147 fully repainted but not the two-light signal indictor mid-coach top level
(Painted later!)

GO 2116 - New #2 door leaf

GO 2127 targeted with graffiti

(many other coaches also, costing GO $1000s in repainting)

GO 2138 partially repainted after graffiti removed

Coaches 2002 to 2155 do not yet have door step lights (as of 2016 *see below)

GO 2002 Classic paint & new paint scheme - Series I (2000s) slowly getting door step lights as they are refurbished/repainted (*see above)

GO 2248 has the first step light on a Series III coach - note fading green

GO 2508 - New door step lights

GO 2527 - New skirting replacement, B end

GO 2303 (top) as a paint chipping accessible 30 year car with the Bombardier decal

(bottom) A fully repainted no-longer-accessible coach, new door step lights, redecaled with GO Transit replacing the Bombardier (same location)
(Note: all 2300s Series IV coaches now non-accessible, redecaled GO Transit)

All 2500 Series VI coaches have a VHF antenna above door leaf one / a black GPS disc is opposite above door leaf 8

Some point as in this image and others point the opposite way

GO 2063 B end - Fading coach numbers (0 and3)

GO 2063 is now wearing the new paint scheme (Dec 2017) so her new numbers (A end only none B end) are crisp

GO caboach 209 with new door leaf contrasts with fading classic paint scheme

GO 2221 door leaf 4 jammed open and could not be closed manually or automatically - coach taken out of service, door cut out but still used on a morning run/consist less passengers

GO 2238 hit by vandals with a paint gun

GO 2034: in 1978 brand new, Province of Ontario and trillium logo, no AEI etc / in 2006: newly repainted, GO Transit now, AEI / in 2014: fading paint

GO 2059: the majority of coaches (2002 to 2661) still wear the original size

Only a few coaches, like this Series I coach, do not have the coach numbers centered under the windows

GO 2073: Classic style (Mar 2016) / New paint and coach damage Sept 2016

GO 2073 repaired and NIS (May 2017)

The new paint scheme does not have the coach/cabcar numbers on the sides, 'B' end. Under some lighting conditions it is also very difficult to see the coach/cabcar numbers and 'Metrolinx' because of the new paint scheme contrasts; bulkhead numbers white EXCEPT: 2402 and 2407 below

TWO Coaches: 2402 (2 pixs) & 2407 (1 pix)
repainted in new paint scheme has clearly visible BLACK bulkhead numbers both A and B ends
* most coaches white here - example, click: GO2854 - note how hard the white numbering is to read

Note the difference in the coach number font/size after repaintings.
The number size/font, like on 2545, is quite common on all Series VIII (2700s), Series VIIII (2800s), and on new paint scheme coaches/cabcars except the newly repainted-new paint scheme on the 2400s

GO 2334 in 2006 with Get On The GO, Bombardier logo,
larger side numbers

GO 2334 in 2010 with GO Transit

GO 2334 struck by vandals in 2014

GO 2334 in 2017
with the smaller numbers (see next panel)

GO 2334 removed side numbers shadow newer smaller numbers - A end

... same for B end
See also: Repaint webpage and specific details of all Series coaches
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