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GO POWER Diesel Specs
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520-535 AND 536-561 (562-568)

Several of the following components/comparisons also can be visibly seen in several of my webpages in ‘Under the Long (and Short) Hood’ and ‘In the Cab’.

(Also covered in my Branchline Canada’s Rail News Magazine Article November 2005)

GO 520 - 535GO 536 - 561 (562-568)
Order Numbers: C-465536-547: C-484 // 548-561: C-704
Serial Numbers: A4745-A4760536-547: A4875-A4886
548-561: A4914-A4927
562-568: 926354-1 to 926354-7
No cab toilet privacy partition in short hood (520-547)Delivered with Privacy partition/door for 548-561 (562-568)
No Inertial Filter overlong hood exitInertial Filter cover over long hood rear exit door
Main diesel model #710G3Model #710G3A
Fuel tank 1500 Imp. Gals.Fuel tank 1850 Imp. Gals.
 Slightly smaller Ammeter light & dimmer control dials
Air cleaner located adjacent to HEP engineAir cleaner ABOVE HEP engine & behind Inertial Air Filter
 Air Filter indicator on each side of HEP diesel engine air intake ducts
 EXT575 VAC IND circuit breaker - 10 amp breaker protects the circuits to the 575 Volt Ext RH & LH indicating lights on HEP control panel & HEP start station panel
End connections Front/Rear:
Communications Receptacle (Red). Communications Receptacle (Red)
. MU Control Receptacle (Yellow). MU Control Receptacle (Yellow)
. HEP Receptacles (2 each side). HEP Receptacles (2 each side)
. Main Reservoir Equalizing Pipe. Main Reservoir Equalizing Pipe
. Actuating Pipe. Actuating Pipe
. Brake Pipe (Train Line). Brake Pipe (Train Line)
. NOT AVAILABLE THESE UNITS. Main Reservoir Branch
Some significant differences in the Computer Display Messages
on the back panel - non-comprehensive list below:
GO 520 - 535GO 536 - 561
ICCU (Integrated Communication Control Unit) in front and over top windshield of Operator's Control console for engineerICCU at left hand level on control console
GO 520 - 535GO 536 - 561
30A CDW Brake. same
MU-2A valve. same
Brake Pipe Pressure Adjust Value. same
Air Pressure Gauges. same
Controller. same
TMS manual reset push button. same
TMS reset foot pedal. same
Load/Brake Ammeter. same
Ammeter Light Dimmer Control. same
Instrument Panel. same
Radio Handset/cradle. same
Paper clip holder. same
Manual Sanding Push Button. same
Lead Truck Sanding Push Button. same
Bell On/Off button. same
Horn On/Off Button. same
Switch Panel. same
Lunch Tray. same
ICCU above windshield. ICCU Unit left hand
GO 520 - 535GO 536 - 561
Front headlight switch. same
MU engine stop/run button. same
Alarm Silencer Push button. same
Speed Indicator Lights. same
Control Console Indicating Panel. same
Gauge Lights Dimmer. same
Communication Signal Buzzer. same
Attendant Call Push Button. same
Rrear headlight Switch. same
ICCU above windshield. ICCU here
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